Web Of Science (WoS)

The Knowledge Lab has licensed the Thomson Reuters’ Web Of Science XML data for access to lab members as well as collaborators within the MetaKnowlege network. We maintain the raw XML data as well as a curated relational MySQL compatible database for different modes of analyses.

Here are some quick statistics about the wos2 database:

  • The database contains publications from 1960 to 2015.
  • The publications table contains 57M records.
  • The references table contains 1.08B records.

Storage bucket

The data is currently stored on two systems. The raw xmls are on S3 :

  1. Complete dataset on S3 Storage : s3://klab-webofscience
  2. Sample dataset on S3 Storage : s3://klab-webofscience-sample

The parsed relational data is hosted on 2 RDS servers.

  1. AWS Mysql compatible database : wos.cluster-cvirc91pe37a.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com
  2. Updated MySQL database : wos2.cvirc91pe37a.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com



abstracts 26093439
affiliations 213475189
conf_sponsors 23712348
conferences 8534597
contributors 200128355
editions 66042408
funding 16379754
funding_text 5784251
headings 60241242
institutions 64938861
keywords 78155603
keywords_plus 143232811
languages 58572211
publications 57136685
publishers 50668193
refs 1085738245
subheadings 53973242
subjects 130264559

The schema for the updates MySQL database :



The data is secured within the Cloud Kotta secure data enclave and is only accessible from within the network. For access privileges please contact the Administrators for access.


Even derivatives from this dataset could be considered sensitive. So users are adviced to confirm with the Administrators before publishing jobs that have derivatives in the output set.

Processed intermediates

None that are public.


Here are some jobs that use the the Web of Science datasets:

  1. Article Influence
  2. Compute Eigenfactor
  3. WoS Schema dump