Bastion Access

The Bastion node is the equivalent of a login node in traditional clusters. This a machine that is hosted with a secure network that can be reached from the external world via SSH. By default the Bastion host is a t2.small instance type offered by AWS and is thus a machine with a single core with limited compute capacity. It is intended as a machine that is to be used only for managing jobs via the job management system.

Generating SSH keys:

Generate an SSH key following this document :

Please note the following:

  1. Do NOT send me your private key. Only send the .pub file.
  2. Please send public key as an attachment rather than pasting it’s contents

Creating a user on Bastion:

Once you have an ssh public key,

  • either mail it to “” as an attachment
  • send it to @yadu on Channel:#cloudkotta under the KnowledgeLab organization on slack.


Ensure that you do not send or share your private key with anyone else.


Public keys easily get mangled when copy pasted, so always send the file as an attachment.

Logging in:

ssh <username>


Bastion is a tiny machine with just 100Gb of disk space. Avoid doing any compute tasks on this machine, and do not leave large files on filesystem.